How to properly replace shower heads?

shower heads

If you’re planning to replace a shower head, don’t worry since this can be easily done even without hiring professionals. It will be even easier if you decided to install only the best shower heads from the get go. I know there are many. But if you need to choose, then I highly recommend the following types of shower heads: rain shower head, handheld shower head, dual shower head, low flow shower head, high pressure shower head. They can make you and your family happy by giving you a pleasure showering experience.

Now, back to our main topic which is how you can easily replace a shower head. Before you start, make sure that all faucets are shut-off completely. You can now remove the current shower head just by simply turning it counter clock wise with a wrench placed on the flat spot place at the shower fixture base.

The said flat spot is situated on the pipe nipple; this is where the head screws into goose-neck pipe that sticks out of wall. When done, make sure to clean the “thread” on goose neck thoroughly. This is because might even build up completely. Wrap it with Teflon tape as this will help prevent leakage once the new shower is installed. You need to wrap up the thread for about 4-5 turns to prevent it from showing.